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Aerial Cinematography

Aerial Cinematography Professionals

Utah Media House has created aerial cinematography for Utah productions for over a decade now. We  have chased trophy trucks, tracked power lines for aerial surveyors, and filmed helicopters flying up the Mississippi. With the advent of aerial drones, we took a step into a new world, after years of testing we have successfully created a fleet of drones that are as diverse as the projects that they are intended for. Our team has lead the way in many industry concepts and strategies to bring our clients exactly what they wanted, aerial cinema that stands out from the rest.

We have built a fleet of UAV’s selected specifically for the varying conditions that aerial cinematography presents. From our custom X-8 with a payload of 40lbs, to smaller DJI drones for smaller objectives, we have the tools to capture anything in the air.

Our partnership with aerial service company Air Resources allows us professional expertise with any aerial production. We have collaborated for years around the state of Utah from commercials to feature films. Air Resources fleet provides us access to a full fleet of Bell and Astar helicopters. With our partnership can offer services such as aerial cinematography, strategic aerial planning, or production transportation. The air resources fleet provides us access to a full fleet of Bell and Astar helicopters.

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