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INTEL #TMI Campaign

We collaborated with Ad Agency ‘Big Monocle’ to bring their Intel security PSAs to life. They the goal was to educate viewers on the importance of guarding personal information. The tagline for the video was “Too Much Information” or in modern terminology “#TMI”. They designed security guidelines to teach viewers when to ask yourself if you are oversharing information. To drive the point home comedian and youtube celebrity Matt McCarthy was featured in the PSA’s.


Excerpt from Big monocles CASESTUDY

“With an Ultrabook giveaway to help the medicine go down, the program quickly gained traction on social networks. Running just eight weeks, TMI generated 47,000 tweets, hundreds of Facebook shares, and 71,000 entries to win an Ultrabook. Over 200 organizations, including Microsoft, Visa, and the Huffington post shared TMI content on websites and social networks. More than 76,000 unique visitors accessed security education on, putting TMI at number one on the Intel Daily Radar for 26 days. Our videos were viewed 39,000 times, and received glowing comments from users [“Probably the best PSA for the Internet I have seen in a long time.] Overall, the campaign generated 68.9MM impressions, making the Internet a safer place for users everywhere.”