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Post Production Facility & Process

Utah Media House offers the entire spectrum of Post Production needs. From staffing editors, colorists and VFX artists, to renting editing bay’s or a production office, UMH can help you get your production across the finish line. UMH offer’s an expert and experienced staff that is skilled and professional. From linear editors, sound design, colorists, and GFX artists, UMH has you covered by the best talent Utah has to offer.

UMH is equipped with several editing bay’s supported by top of line equipment, able to house a 6K workflow. We are fully updated with Mac Pro and the entire Adobe Creative at our disposal.

UMH’s linear editors are well versed in the art of storytelling. Garnering a stable of talent we can help you execute your vision, so you can concentrate on all of the others facets of your complicated production.

UMH’s on staff Colorists will help you pull out the intricate details of your imagery. Let us help you paint your picture. We can give you the rich and nuanced look your footage deserves.

UMH can help you put the cherry on top of your project with our VFX and motion graphics artists. From basic animation to advanced compositing UMH can help make your project look both professional and envied.