Video is essential for brands. It can communicate a story,
increase engagement, and help foster growth.
Video is emotion in motion, creating an experience that is difficult to forget. And, when done right, it can be a
powerful asset in any brand’s marketing strategy.

House Specialties


Directing, Musical Score, Short Film, Docuseries

Commercial Video Production:

State-of-the-art equipment, Branded development content, Aerial Filming, Writing and Scripting

Advertising Commercial:

TV Commercials, Web Video, Social Media Campaigns, Animation

Sales Marketing:

Product Videos, Product Demos, Brand Videos, Editorial

Training Education:

Medical, Training Videos, Corporate, Government, Military, Airline

Pre Production:

Concept Development, Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Budgeting, Project Management, Casting/Talent, Location Scouting, Set & Costume Design, Permitting

Post Production:

Skilled & dedicated editing crew, Sound engineering, Graphics, Animation, and Voice talent

Also, in the House

Film Production, Product Photography, Digital Marketing, Media, Social Media, Branding, Logo Design, Web Design, Product Development, Package Design, Event Marketing & Expo Management, Expo Design, Public Relations.


Software & Tech
Retail & Ecommerce
Beauty & Fashion
Health & Fitness
Food & Restaurant
Professional Services
Home & Garden

Medical & Biotech
Travel & Hospitality
Shipping & Fulfillment
Professional Sports

The Collaboration

Brought together for a film and marketing project, these two GenX kids met for the first time at a broken picnic table in an overgrown courtyard of a Best Western Motel somewhere in Idaho. The introduction was quick, the air was smokey from a local fire, and the creative brief was about swimsuits and snacks. The Director and then CMO’s handshake sparked the end of the ‘swimsuit & snacks’ meet-and-greet and began a long-term partnership now known as Utah Media House (UMH).
The two continue to collaborate on projects today.

Skylar Nielson



  • Director of a reputable film studio in Salt Lake City
  • Director of prominent global campaigns
  • Accomplished photographer
  • Winner of Slamdance Film Festival’s best documentary
  • Visionary, champion, artisan, and mentor
  • Has a Class A Commercial Drivers License


  • Takes bathroom breaks with the studio dogs
  • Needs to be fed before noon
  • Wears socks with Crocs
  • Gets distracted by power washing

Stephanie Evans-Stock



  • Award winning marketeer
  • Expert brand developer and digital
    media strategist
  • Product development innovator
  • Vitamins, supplements, and functional juice guru
  • Designer, creative, leader, and mother of three
  • Likes to keep everyone’s hands clean


  • Gets spray tan on everything
  • Has an alter ego named Malibu
  • Wears Spanx to the gym
  • Vegan

Our Brands


World traveled commercial film company

Skylar Nielsen

An American photographer, cinematographer and director.

Skylar Nielsen

limited line of clothing designed for the edgy creative.
Intransitive verbs
Enelska - get (grow, become)
dark, to darken


Pouring the best concrete in Salt Lake City

Pivot Troupe

Marketing, Digital Strategy, Advertising, Branding, and teaching your team how to dance in our new fast paced digital world.

CEO Groupie

Consultation, networking and public relations. "Fan of your brand”
Product development, formulization, Manufacturers, packaging, Brokers, and expo.


Custom home and commercial design. Special corporate events and
expo design.

the lab

Nutritional contract small batch manufacturer and Research & Development Laboratories specializing in Liquids, powders, capsulation and private labeling supplements