About Us

Utah Media House is assembled with passionate visionaries and advisors who are transitioning brands from all industries into the world of online digital video marketing.

The Experience

You are invited to a creative process where passion and excitement bring your project to life.

Supported by two successful careers in film and marketing, Utah Media House (UMH) is led by a team that combines film knowledge and marketing trends to provide full-service filmmaking and showcasing experience. 

With crafting strategy, this talented group is dedicated to delivering a masterpiece to your targeted audience. 

The team keeps your projects evolving by keeping current on popular trends and ensuring your brand stays on top. 
UMH will showcase your legacy, products, and services, in a premiere spotlight, by capturing the story through the Director’s lens and your “name in lights.” 


The ever-changing colors of Autumn, the perfect fluffy snowflakes that fall from the sky during Winter, and the never-ending wildflowers that cover the valley & mountains during Spring & Summer are a few reasons Utah is any filmmaker’s wonderland.

Rivers, bluffs, valleys, and rocky ranges create the perfect landscape for your next project.
From old mining sites to red rock hiking trails in Zion’s National Park, Utah is a place of adventure, theater, and success.
The vast white space of the Bonneville Salt Flats is featured in Independence Day, Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, and the timeless favorite Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.
In addition to its beautiful scenery, the rich history, and small-town feel echo throughout the Beehive State.
The four seasons make for a perfect place to film Winter Spring, Summer or Fall, a romance film starring Wednesday Jenna Ortega & co-star Percy Hynes White.
A recent film starring Lindsay Lohan, Falling for Christmas, was filmed in two breathtaking Utah locations, Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley & Goldener Hirsch Inn and Residences.

Studio Dogs  

Two doodle brothers and their doodle punk cousin keep the studio protected and emotionally supported.


  • Generous dose of dopamine
  • Vacuums up dropped food
  • Master watch dogs


  • Spicy breath
  • Will sniff your buns
  • Steals your lunch